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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Join Zoom with Smart Phone or Tablet

You can use a Smart Phone (iPhone, Android. etc.) or tablet to fully connect to the meeting. Most people find this the easiest connection to set up because mobile devices are specifically designed to share video and audio connections. However,

General Information
  • How much you 'see' of the other participants is directly related to the size of your screen, so visual interaction is less that you'd have with a computer or laptop.
  • For best results, be sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • All Smart Phones have one or more cameras, but some tablets may not. Be sure your device has a camera and microphone.
  • Most people find mobile devices' tiny SPEAKERS hard to use in a meeting. It is recommended you use some sort of headphones or ear buds. Plug in (wired) headsets tend to have better mics over bluetooth. 
    • Be sure to test your equipment prior to a joining a meeting. (see link below)
  • While it is possible to connect over cellular phone-service on your smart-phone, it might be slow and/or "expensive" if you are on a metered web-minutes plan.
  • In that case...
Setting Up Your Device
  • Many phones will automatically lead you to download the app. Try it!
    • FROM YOU DEVICE EMAIL APP, just click on the "Join LInk" you received in the meeting announcement! 
    • If this works, you could get directed to a web browser to join the meeting - (which will work but it is not optimum performance.)
    • OR it may take you to your App Store (Play Store on Android) for you to load the app. (see below)
    • You may be asked for permissions, just answer "yes" or "ok".
    • Hopefully, you will then join the meeting. 
  • BETTER - You can get the app set up before the meeting
  • It is not required to sign up for Zoom just to connect to a meeting. However, there are many advantages to getting a free account. Learn more here...
Joining the Zoom Meeting
  • Once you have added the Zoom App, WHEN YOU CLICK THE JOIN LINK in your invitation email: most devices will automatically open Zoom app and connect.
  • If not, Open the Zoom App by clicking on it's icon.
    • Find the "Join" button
    • Type in the meeting ID number supplied in the invitation
    • Then type in the password
  • You may have to answer some quesions as you enter the meeting.
  • You might see a screen that identies the meeting name, and asks you to wait. This is the "Waiting Room". The moderator will 'let you in" to the meeting as soon as possible.
  • Along the way to Waiting Room or when you enter the meeting, you may be asked to test your mic and camera. Test the options until you find the ones that work best.

See the links below for how to join by PHONE (audio) ONLY and other Zoom Meeting tips.

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