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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Zoom Meeting Etiquette

Effective Use of your Microphone
  • You will probably enter the meeting room with your mic OFF. This it to allow whoever might already be speaking to NOT BE INTERRUPTED.
  • It is recommended that you LEAVE YOUR MIC OFF so as to minimize any of your background noises that will 'cut-out' whoever is speaking. Rustling of papers, dog barking, phone messages beeping, yikes - noise pollution!
  • The moderator may turn your mic (or all mics) off if there is disruptive noise.
  • You can turn your mic on/off by clicking the icon in the lower-left of the screen. Sign on to the meeting early to practice.

PRO TIP: If you are on a Computer you can use your SPACE BAR key as a "Push to Talk" button (like a walkie-talkie). Just hold down the Space Bar key while you are talking. 

Using your Camera
  • Remember, people can SEE YOU even if the meeting is 'focused' on a screen or another speaker. Nose-picking? Awkward...
  • If you are using a computer or laptop, you can set your background to an image that effectively hides your environment (aka the messy second bedroom). 
    • Not all computers or setups can use this, but to experiment, click the up-arrow next to the camera icon and select "background". You can also upload your own picture.
  • You can turn off/on your camera, by clicking the camera icon in the lower-left corner (next to the mic icon).
    • This is a good idea if you have to leave the meeting for a few minutes, or need to talk to someone, etc.
    • Remember that even though your camera is OFF, you must also manually turn off your mic to be fully incognito!
In Larger Groups
  • When everyone is together, it will challenging to give everyone a chance to speak. 30 people are a lot to sort through. So, microphones will pretty much remain OFF during the FULL GROUP time.
  • You  can click the button to open the "Chat" sidebar, where you can TYPE a question and the speaker will get to it in due order.
  • At one point, we may divide up into to smaller groups (called Breakout Rooms) where you can all use your mics to chat freely within the smaller group.
Take Turns
  • Being on a web-meeting makes it harder to see the cues for when you may jump in to the conversation. Especially if you are audio-only. So "wave" to the camera when you wish to say something. We'll hopefully call on you.
  • Please 'be nice' when interrupting or commenting out of turn. Raise your hand (on camera) or click the Hand Icon to be called upon.
  • That said, when you do get the "mic" please don't hog the stage (especially if we are on 15 breakout min segments) so others can share/talk.
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