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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Practice Resources



What the Icons Mean

cc Performance - either Audio or Video of a choir singing the piece

Accompaniment - just the piano part

Vocal Track - Your part sung by coach

Synth Track - Your part by electronic notes

How to Download
  1. Scroll to find the song you want resources for. Note: not all on our current playlist have resources.
  2. Click the title of the song to open the "post".
  3. Find your part (T1, T2, B1, B2, ALL) column in the list and click the icon below (in the Voice or Synth row):
        (Note: the grey-out icons are disabled, with no download.)
    1. A new browser tab will open.
    2. Click "Download" in upper-left corner to save it to your computer...
    3. ...or you can play the track from the screen. (Not all devices can do this!)
  4. Close the Tab to return to the GVMVC website.
  5. Some songs have additional resources like video or audio performances.
  6. To select another song:
    1. Use the hearder navigation arrows to go to the next/previous song, or
    2. Click the "Return to List" link.
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