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Membership is open to men who love to sing and are able to sing parts. Being able to read music and prior singing experience is a plus, but not required. Membership will require a reasonable level of physical health and conditioning, including voice quality and pitch.

Orientation Process:  Formal auditions are not required, only a very quick check of your range, to see in which part you belong. Instead, you are asked to participate informally for 3-4 weeks of regular rehearsals; during which time, as you become acquainted with the Choir and the music, the Director has a chance to evaluate your vocal qualities. Then, we'll meet privately to determine if GVMVC is a good fit for you and the group.

 Start the process by contacting the membership coordinator for more information.

A quality performance and dynamic organization certainly requires the dedication of its members. GVMVC has benefited from members who understand the choir is successful because of their whole-hearted participation with:

  • Attendance at weekly rehearsals and concerts. GVMVC rehearses on Thursday evenings, 5 to 7 p.m. in Grass Valley. A typical year has three concerts with additional singing 'gigs' in the community, as opportunities arise.
  • Individual Effort is expected at home to learn music and words. Practice 'tracks' are available for some songs.
  • Decorum Singers are expected to be prompt and prepared for rehearsals, attentive, etc.
  • Dues are set annually (Aug - July) to cover the budget needs of the organization. Currently dues are $100/yr (optional in 1st year). Other costs include uniform and travel (see below). Members also participate in selling concert tickets.
  • Uniforms are partially provided by GVMVC, but the member will have to provide a black tux for formal concerts.
  • Travel to concert and community performances is typically the responsibility of the member. For the occasional out of town performances, every effort is made to set up car pools and acquire group rates for hotels, etc. 

A detailed document of requirements, performances and uniform standards will be provided when you contact us about membership.

To create the opportunity for men to come together in fellowship and song, to entertain our community with a rich and unique sound from an all male voice choir, and to perpetuate the Cornish heritage in northern California.  And last, but not least -- to help provide financial support for our local charities through benefit concerts. 

Grass Valley Male Voice Choir welcomes you to enjoy making music in the company of a great group of men. You only need a reasonably pleasant voice that can carry a tune and a heart to learn, grow and participate. Of course, accomplished singers are also welcome to join in fellowship and harmony (literally!) to create the unique male voice sound that has inspired and entertained Nevada County since the Gold Rush.

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